Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let them be the judge

So here we are educating our women, expecting them to be equals but hey wait, are we expecting them to do all the things that we do in addition to the set "social protocol" of taking care of the household? I think the expectation from women has skyrocketed.

For gods sakes, let em choose. Let em choose what they'll wear and eat and how they'll live and last but not least let them be free to decide who they wanna make-out with. It's their body, don't insinuate exaggerated thoughts of piety n purity into their heads as kids. Educate them about repercussions and dangers (for that matter even the boys) but let them bloody explore their own minds and their own bodies.

Who's to say what's best for women. It should be a woman's choice to pick a profession and a partner. Just because a woman is flying a plane doesn't automatically imply she isn't taking care of her household, doesn't even imply that she has one. This passenger was quite a bigot. He couldn't even begin to appreciate what effort one has to put to become a commercial pilot.

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