Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The best year

2010 has been a great year for me, I will go on to call it the best year of my life despite it serving me the most horrifically painful moments I've even faced.
It started with a decaying relation with my closest girlfriend ever, we celebrated the New Year party separately.
UMPM-2010, the international conference at IMTECH that I got the opportunity to anchor.
The extreme bliss of being loudly appreciated by the sarod maestro Pt. Biswajit Roychoudhary at the spic-macay function at UMPM-2010
Her parents taking her to Bombay, followed by more putrefaction of our relation.
The most horrible Valentine's -- Dog Show and Salad bar
JeRi rescue
Ekta: Friends after 14 years
Harman's wedding and all the time up to it -- the first big revelation of my life
The Break-up
A week of relief
Months of regret
Bike ride to Thanedar with Harman and Anuj- Surreal. The horror of getting back to reality; very real.
Shehanai vadan
Riti's gift
Bike ride to Rishikesh with Anuj.
Trip to Di's
Anita and the effort to get married and shut the doors behind me
First flight
First trip to south
Second manic depression of the year
Possibly one the handful who know what it feels like to make-out in depression.
First interesting chat with a stranger on a plane, Archana D. M.
Relief of getting back home without a putative wife
The relapse
Wedding story: The End
Marriage Phobia: The Beginning
First time experimental characterization of my molecule
First time I started to see what my work has to be and...can be.
Actual value of my single-hood; priceless
Sleaze and Raunch: somethings are meant to be forgotten
Fresher Party: performed the song with Kit, Manav and the kids...HiT!
Reunions: Romit, Karanpal, Navinder
Second trip down South.
My first poster and poster presentation at SBC, IISc Bangalore
The second trip down south and the revelation of my scientific status quo
The poster presentation mistakes I will never commit and lose could-be friends
The huge malls and the first horror house trip
Walks and bus rides: Loved Bangalore.
Loved IISc and all the experiences
First night flight: beautiful city lights and a horrific landing.
Returned maturer (or so I think), returned with plans.
The best time ever in the lab; either the boss or we weren't around for almost the whole of the month.
The final relapse.
The best Birthday celebration ever: celebrated with all my friends and also with my family.
Met a maturer but still very playful Jeri
Drive to Kasauli with Di, Dan and Chiki on Christmas
My ex's wedding
Saw Harley Davidson up close, for the first time.
Surreal through-the-night conversation with a stranger: amazing
A great party: Mr. Jolly and Mr Facebook

Goodbye 2010, thank you for everything.


Suchreet said...

:) and may 2011 be even better..with more 'surreal' stuff and so much less horror!

Jesse said...

I hope it brings less surreal stuff, I'm quite sick of it, and more real successes, both to you and me

Suchreet said...

:) thank u! i hope so too!

really, i agree.. i think its about time for some real rather than dreamed success!
humph! the wait continues...