Saturday, January 01, 2011


010111 or MMXL and as you might have guessed it, stands of the 1st of January 2011. As usual time passed me by too quickly for me to do anything about enlisting resolutions (NYR or New Year Resolution) or even cerebrating on what should be top priority in my life. So I woke up very late in the morning with a blank head a residual alcohol in my breath. There was too much to be done in too little time so I just slept some more thinking "hey I have to run anyway, so why not rest a bit more".
Confused people are confusing me about how to deal with them. This is silly, does it not make me one of them now.
I got the bike serviced and reached the lab by 4:00pm, this is the latest that anyone has ever dared to step into the lab with the boss around even if it's a holiday. But in the whole day there was one stretch of time when I a situation hit me. I slipped out of my lab (yeah they hate my guts) to pay the internet bill of which, today was the last day. It was very cold, cloudy, the breeze was strong. Riding a motorcycle in such settings is such a pain but for some crazy reason, also enjoyable, even if in a masochistic sense. On the way back to the lab I slowed the bike while crossing fruit vendors thinking I'd much on some apples, guavas or maybe bananas to satiate myself for I had not eaten since late morning and it was 4:30 in the evening. I couldn't decide and slowly the fruits passed me by and halted the bike next to a soup vendor a few yards away from the former. I ate three eggs and then I had soup. It was pretty cold, the few pedestrians that passed by had half their faces buried in their muffler and jackets. Life appeared to move in slow motion till a fast car shot past. Like I mentioned before, it was bit dark due to the clouds and it made the whole desolate area appear like a painting. Light fog, or even thick one, makes trees appear exceptionally beautiful. I've wondered many a time as to why this is so, probably because it hides out the inner parts, the branches and makes the peripheral part, the outer leaves, stand out and as a result the whole tree appears more like a painted tree than a real tree. Suddenly the stillness was broken by vendors rushing around and my soup vendor seemed to have a panic attack. I realized it was probably the municipality truck on a raid to check the roadside vendors. MC confiscates everything and fine them. My soup vendor requested me to help him move his four wheeled cart. I rushed to my bike to keep the soup bowl aside and helped the guy get his cart off the pavement. Had he attempted to do that alone, he'd break a couple of hundred raw eggs piled up. No sooner was the cart down, he disappeared like so many other vendors that were there. There I was, parked on the side of the road in the bitter cold, sitting on my bike and consuming hot heavenly soup. A few people crossed me giving puzzled looks. After all a guy sitting on a bike on the side of the road, holding a steamy soup bowl, for which there was no origin anywhere close by, must have appeared strange. Ah it's been a cold cold day.

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