Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh! I always said that the mongrel eating from the garbage bin has a better life than a man in many ways. How? The animal’s emotion of love is regulated in space and time by pheromones..
Well it’s not so just with animals, lately it has been found that the same thing works with humans (but unlike dogs, it’s not seasonal…its ON all the time). You cannot “smell” the human pheromones like you smell a perfume; it’s all preprogrammed and automatic. So if a guy’s attracted to a girl and they’re sitting in each others vicinity, pheromones are playing the cupid’s part. Our silly noses direct us to our love; all three responses are possible:
No attraction
It has been found that this process is actually indirectly guided by the immune system…damn! This thing’s a little complicated, I was watching this program on Discovery Channel…it was quite interesting.
I tried to draw a parallel to this in my life…so the girls I’ve been attracted to in the past were actually sending out a chemical message to me…n I was sending this message to the girls that were attracted to me…and of course the few times when these chemical messages reciprocated in a positive way. Yes the message was “POTENTIAL MATE, PLEASE CONSIDER SERIOUSLY”…UMMM!!! Interesting doggy stuff man!


Ruppy said...

Interesting stuff, Jesse... for unlucky people like me, who are luckily researchers... this gives us an opportunity... who said Genetic Manipulation is always harmful?? Ummm... I smell something invitingly HOT !!!


jesse said...

MMMMM mmmm ruppy baby now that's an interesting comment.
Hey I got an idea, why don't you study this subject and use yourself as the lab-rat. I tell you buddy this kind of science is gonna take you through some wonderful adventures ;o)

Ruppy said...

Hey Jesse, how r u doing buddy??

I am not going to be the Nutty Professor (though it had a happy ending)... I can use a jailed drug addict, who has been taking meth for 5 years, and test my lab-made pheromones to let him seduce Scarlett Johannson... I will definitely win a Nobel... if not that, I will atleast get into Playboy's Hall of Fame... But that's all in dreams... I just hope NIH realizes the importance of this research to give me a few millions to do this research...

Till that happens, I better go to lab. and pick up my plates.... Phew!! They can never recognise my potential..

But, don't worry, I can do the research in my free time, and we can share the concoction, if I successfully make that...

Wish me luck!!

jesse said...

May the almighty grant you success in your endeavor to use Scarlett Johannson as a test material for your experiment.
May NIH realize the deep implications of this supreme thought...
But I like Ms Johannson, let's try someone else, how about Ms. Spears.

Nobel or not, you'll definitely get the blessings of millions of men around the world...on second thought, maybe the good old fashioned seduction is better!!!

N u aint no nutty prof...I'm sure there are women out there eyeing you with something...ahem ahem!! on their mind.