Monday, April 20, 2015

These 4 walls

I'm gonna leave these 4 walls soon. When I came here I was 11 years old and so short that I couldn't see myself in the bathroom mirror that was placed a bit high. I had to jump to see my face for that fraction of a second that I was high enough, then comb my hair after landing and then jump up again to see if I got it right (and the process went on till my hair were combed). At 35 I'm hardly left with any hair on my head. It's been a long time. 24 years ago I entered this place and made this room mine. I cleared the table, dusted the room, rolled out the folding bed and christened it my Den. I'm the only one left in the neighbourhood from those days.
 Within these 4 walls I grew and matured. It's time to leave and I've never felt so nostalgic about anything ever the way I feel for this room and even this home. Fare thee well my room in my father's home, I'll never return and stay like I stay here now. I leave with my partner with a wish to make my own home someday and have place for my parents too.
I came, I changed and I changed you; you'll be in my heart. You'll probably not belong to our family forever but thank you for sheltering us all these years, this broken family that still hangs to each other by unbreakable chords of love. Last but not least thank you God everything we have; give me strength to learn, love and forgive.

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