Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zap Zap

I've been feeling so horribly fatigued for such a long time. Then today, after many months, the workload was phenomenally high. I ran, I sprang, booked the instruments, ran columns, centrifuged etc etc and did all the multitasking. From 9:30 am til 7:45 pm, and that too without food (ok ok I had 2 samosas at 5:00 pm but I was on water throughout the day before that). I returend home and gobbled tons of food as precaution, without sensing the mildest of hunger. It's midnight and I'm still not tired!

How'd my battery get charged? Here's the story:

Well you see, I will become ineligible for a research associate position soon. Working as a volunteer and not having received any salary for the past 10 months, has changed many things for me (for the worse) beyond the scope of this post.

When posts were advertised on the institutional website, I had little choice but to think about it. No positions are coming my way in the near future, if I lose eligibility for ones that I can get now, Soon I'll have nothing left to do. Someone is majorly responsible for this misery of mine but I'll refrain from taking names.

Much as I love and respect my present employer (where I work as a volunteer), work hasn't been built on solid ground. Not that I should expect it to and honestly I have tried taking ownership of the work but in vain; things are way too jinxed out here. Moreover, I'm suffering from the once-bitten-twice-shy syndrome lately and I try as I may, my mind doesn't let me trust people anymore. Time's running out for me! I've put in 5 months and have observed that deadlines are never met (similar to what happened in my PhD).

Having said that, things are hotting up here. So I'm not sure if this is the right time to leave. But I gave myself a deadline, I'm outta here in 2 months max and I gotta give it a quality shot while I'm here. The transformation was magical. No fatigue, total energy, total concentration! I finally managed to take ownership of the work and todays work was a sweet success.

I reckon, that's how you get rid of fatigue by having a time-bound goal! Common knowledge but easier said than done.

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