Monday, May 12, 2014


  I'm sure there are several exceptions to this generalization but then there are many who'd qualify too; my guess is that a majority of Indian parents do.

  They're competitive: my kids must be better than others in every activity (understandable, they think their genes are the best). They're insecure, so they brainwash their kids as much as they can, to follow their ideologies and philosophies of life.They plant thoughts into their children's head about their own beliefs. Every thing that the kid does, which is acceptable to them is rewarded and this reinforced. Though this is kinda understandable, in event of a son/daughter differing in his/her beliefs is penalized in certain ways, explicitly stated or carried out silently.

  Indian parents, many of them, are sickening when it comes to matters of money and property. They attempt to get things done by their children in lieu of a promise (explicitly made or implied) what they'll leave behind for them. Brought up in such a system, it is obviously a big deal for Indian kids (by kids I mean anyone alive at any age who has a living parent that owns a property or a certain sum of money that he/she considers sufficient to lure someone into doing something for the promise of owning it one day). Not unnatural for money worshippers, who try and gauge most things in terms of wealth.

  Indian parents love money, they teach their kids to love money and finally show em what all they can have it from doing what the parents expect them to. You're expected to make the biggest choices of your life according their whims and wishes and whoever does not, stands to lose the inheritance or a certain part of it. If parents wanna leave anything behind for their children (if at all), it should be handed down to everybody equally, whether a son or a daughter, irrespective of what your beliefs are, so long as you know that your son/daughter is not doing anything unlawful.

  Son's stick around with their parents as much for the inheritance as for the love (if any), while some daughters and their families eye the moolah as well. Indian parents know all that well and influence their children's thoughts and action as much as they can. All the while they keep singing songs about how much they've done for their kids, as if it was a debt that has to returned, not the love for your father or for your mother. Indian kids are born into the slavery of the wishes and expectations of their parents and their society, most of them do well and carry on with the tradition.

  What shameless double-crosses and sickening sycophants. I understand that money is important but making an Altar for it changes the game quite a bit doesn't it.

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