Thursday, July 19, 2012

This day

Wow! Awesome, today I just happened to be glancing through old chats on FB that I had with my wife. Of course we weren’t married then, we weren’t even seeing each other, rather we used to meet occasionally with a few common friends.

From the conversation it is so clear that something was brewing. In those conversations, there are insinuations attraction, repulsion and absolute denial of the former. I skimmed through it, thought of our day-to-day life these days and giggled. One of the days that we conversed was the 5th of June when last year we were planning a trip to Mcleodganj. Actually Mcleodganj was just one of the options. Funny that exactly a year on, we were there on our honeymoon.

At times you need to look back on the days that were so carefree, when there was no serious paraphernalia attached to the relation, when the relation itself was at a point of inception.

These were times when days passed before you conversed before sat to wonder what’s happening on the other end. There were people we disliked in each other’s lives that we couldn’t openly tell each other about and just shrugged our shoulders and said “How does it affect me; let it be.”

Then our lives began to intertwine and we fell deeply in love. Our eyes opened up to so many new things. Man! We literally had to battle our way through the opposition to get married. The real world turned out to be nastier than we thought and it changed us through and through. I don’t think we’re the extra-sweet, carefree people anymore that we were a year ago.

I find it rather amusing that we were like that and I am glad, almost proud that we took each other seriously enough to have made it through to this day. 

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