Thursday, June 28, 2012

Padmashree for Dr. Batra

Doctor Batra runs a chain of clinics that mainly cater to cosmetic issues of the rich and the upper middle-class. The clinic is mainly known for its hair-fall treatment. One wonders that if his treatments works such wonders, why did he recently venture into a hair-transplant procedure as well (well! whatever it takes to get the hair back).

Let's forget about that for a while and see what else he does. He loves getting his pictures clicked with the rich and the famous that adorn the walls of his clinics. One wonders why; cheap publicity?

Then he loves clicking picture. Nobody stops a doc from clicking pictures right? Heck no! But to put up the pictures as an exhibit? Well, if he has the means to, then why not. What does he do with the money? Well he donates it to for animal welfare run by Maneka Gandhi...oops! Political connection. He also holds musical concerts and other such stuff to raise charity for widows and cancer patients, which is a good thing but one wonders if doing that gets you a Padmashree.

Why did he get a Padmashree, the 4th highest civilian award in India  for his contribution to homeopathy?  Has he helped the poor and the downtrodden with that knowledge? I haven't really heard of him healing those and I'm sure that the last thing the needy, sick and dying are more concerned about a square meal a day and a roof on the head than hair on their head.

Anyway, since he has been awarded, let us do the needful; let's give three cheers for Dr. Batra and his Padmashree:


Ruppy said...

I think this is an act in total disrespect of science and scientific attitude. This is one of the reasons why India has dismally failed to produce world-class scientists.

Homeopathy has NO scientific rationale to support it. It is sham medicine. To honor a person on a national level for contributions to a fake scam practice is utterly shameful. This takes away credibility from awards like Padma-Shri.

AJ said...

Ruppy I really can't say if homeopathy is sham but the point here is that Batra runs a clinic that caters to the "cosmetic" issues of the rich. He's done nothing for the masses, at least nothing that would warrant an award like Padmashree. Someone wrote on twitter that this is like giving the Grammy Award to Altaf Raja; silly as it may sound, the analogy does appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

Homeopathy is a pseudoscience, nothing else.