Monday, January 16, 2012

shaped up

A quick chat with Anuj today morning brought back some disturbing memories. We were talking about school days and exam times. One topic led to another and I ended up recalling the summer of 1999. In +1 and +2 (1996-98)I was to busy having fun to have paid any attention to studies. Many from my group of friends indulged in unlawful activities. Though I knew my limits and I only used to spend time chatting with having a good time drinking and eating; I completely steered clear of their dark-half and since they kind of knew my dispostions, never involved me in those activities either. Anyway, having passed +2 with "disgraceful" percentage of 56, much of which was contributed by my marks in English rather than any of the science subjects, suddenly the main gate of life was thrown open to me and I didn't know what to do in life.

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