Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I’ve remembered all this so many times but today, on your birthday, I’ll remember those moments again starting with when you walked into the room on that second last day of December last year twisted my world for those few hours, to the sweet emails we exchanged, to the awkward conversations we had, to the times we were disappointed in each other, to the time it ceased to matter, to the time alcohol resuscitated the last breaths of ‘you and me’, to the time there was neither you nor me but ‘us’. You’re always near coz "you’re deep inside me somewhere”.
Time or chance or god, whatever it may be, I thank it to have met you. Many many happy returns of the day Love.
I love you.
A zillion hugs and kisses to my baby.

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AJ said...

You walked in to my life,
A decision i made, a future i take.
Wherever i go, I can see your shadow
Evertime i sleep, I'm dreaming of you
Everytime i think, I think, think of you.

Thank You for the memory that will last me a lifetime of joy. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.