Monday, December 20, 2010


T’was Sanjit’s B’day and I managed to not call him somehow; I suffer acute and fulminant procrastinitis.

Hashmat came over and we left for CCD-35 to meet Ashish and the others of whom we did not know. I went in the car after my bike refused to start which I later found out was because of the weak battery. At CCD, the others were Puja, Ashish’s son (who still doesn’t have a name), Mayuri and Jason.

After a few wise cracks we got to describing how the year had been for each one of us. My words were egotistical, centered on me, myself and I, how I’d hit rock bottom but risen like the Phoenix etc etc. Hashmat’s were poetic and talked about how he didn’t care much about the days gone by and the one to come but about the present moment; he even laced it with Urdu verses and it sounded nice. Puja’s was about becoming a mother and staying awake and how life-changing the whole experience was. Ashish’s was the same (of course not mother but a father) and also about how he switched his job to work for a not-well-known company (Yikes! I was about to use the word “infamous” incorrectly here), Mayuri’s was also about being phoenix but unlike me, she credited it to the power of God and I don’t remember what Jason said. Alexanderson didn’t say much but was busy absorbing the sights and the sounds around him after he woke up.

Another interesting topic that was talked about was how Facebook usage has been followed by a concomitant decrease in blogging activity and I corroborated this by my firsthand experience. This is one of the reasons that I am writing this post, for I do not feel like writing about this or any other experience anymore and it has mostly to do with my using Facebook. I believe that to want to write about something, something should stand out from the norm like a beacon staring at you in the face. That potential energy gets sapped away in trifling short messages to friends and never builds up enough once you feel that you’ve already talked about it. This post, no matter how insignificant or boring, is an attempt to break that habit of not writing. So although I do not really feel like writing right now, I am.

Ashish also informed us about an essay competition, the prize of which is an all-expense-paid literary tour of England. The details are given on the website I am excited about it, not that I think that I have a chance but thinking that it would probably help me read a book or two, since I cannot get myself to read any.

An interesting discussion on God ensued and turned intense and though I remember it being great, I don’t remember the details anymore. Probably because it is 1:30am and I am sleepy but I am glad that I wrote.

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