Sunday, November 21, 2010


(Just returned from Mrinal's reception. I'm pretty drunk and I know what I'm writing is shitty but what the heck!)

The brotherhood of beer
it sure sounds queer
invites critcism from all corner
but to me heart it's very near

remember the time
harry was to reach home at nine
but we downed a few beers
and lost all our fears
we sang and we danced
with total strangers all night
with fire we romanced

the brotherhood of beer
do lend me your ear
harry chatty raj n I
drove to morni and got high
in the tiny camp we shaded our faces
in a desert,it sure felt like an oasis
we sang, we joked,
we fought we smoked
snaps without pants
those pictures sure still haunt

the brotherhood of beer
we hug and cry out our fear
Tarun would no longer be single
it was one of the last time that
beer, chikku n I mingled
we cried the past away
we embraced the future so
by the time it was time to say
our faces began to glow

the brotherhood of beer
the awesome smiles we wear
Sanky Anuj n I
we'd cry we'd howl we'd sigh
PhD's difficult you see
love & security's a thing of the past,
and there's just insecurity ahead
and it's all for free
and it's vast
We down a bottle or two each
and we begin to preach
how beautiful life suddenly is
we're soaring like eagles
no one to block us,
we rise we decend
we do as we please

the brotherhood of beer
come and meet the seer
his name's Taran n he's cool
I had it with him and talked of the pool
the one where you jump
and those who wish not to be broke
lie on their back and use the Rai-stroke
God's man he's always high
if he's not on His, then there's
beer on his thigh
thank you for being strong
thank you for never going wrong
Cheers to you n all my friends
let's meet up together with the bottle again

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