Sunday, August 29, 2010

wobble wobble

Got fork gaitors (front fork covers) installed at the agency. These guys did a crappy job of fixing the shockers back on (they didn't tighten the screws equally and I didn't know abt it back then). Over a period of a few thousand kms, the front tyre got worn out unevenly. Wobbling developed and I couldn't figure what the reason was. I went mad at the new advice that every new mechanic would give me. I replaced swing arm bushes, got rear wheel balanced till the guy refused to entertain me anymore (he thought I had OCD...which I almost did), got sprockets replaced, got new rear tyres (got swindled in the process). I always looked at the rear for the reason and could've never believed that it was originating from the front wheel till it became really serious on one trip up the hills. I barely managed to get back home, such was the wobble and finally found that it was originating from the front. I got disc brakes checked, got new steering bearing and greased them and got a front tyre. After more than one year (and trust me a couple of thousands of rupees down the drain), I am riding a bike that doesn't wobble.

Tyres are a big problem if they aren't "fitted" properly and not all puncture-walas know that. The tyres can have inherent manufacturing defects in the sidewalls that make them uneven and cause wobbling.

Wobbling "can be" a very complicated issue (not always) and requires a double check of a many parts of the bike.

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