Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Have you ever had a close friend who was a tarot zealot? My friend, I remember, used to do almost everything in life as directed by the tarot-woman and I was amazed by her steadfast belief. So if my friend did not get along with someone, she ascribed it to having a problem with that person in some previous life that wasn’t sorted out back then. Though I never criticized my friend for this, I did find it a little awkward. And mind you, she was one of the saddest people I’ve met. Initially I thought it was just a phase, but realized overtime that she was wading through the endless quicksand of misanthropy, spawned and nurtured by her beliefs.

The paradox is that my friend is pursuing a career in higher level scientificresearch I’ve decided to be more vocal about people in sciences following such practices। I wonder what they’ll take to their lectures when they become professors; a deck of cards and a parrot?!!??

…otherwise I find parrots quite cute, and in future I’d rather befriend a parrot than such a person, for the latter are as heartless as they are brainless. Now that “suddenly” we’re strangers, I’ll try not to think too much about “what the hell did I do? Fight with you six thousand years ago in some previous life?”

Phew! I guess in the parrot world there’s no room for reasonable reasoning; you just gotta do what the parrot tells you to.

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