Thursday, July 12, 2007

What have we become?

At school, we read of the revolt of 1857; we read of the world wars; we read of the various revolutions. We also read of the various architectural marvels of the modern, medieval and ancient world.
Let me conjecture about what our children will read in modern history:

They’ll probably read about Kanshi Ram’s imposing statue in UP; Mayawati has clandestine plans to capture some area and build a statue of Kanshi Ram (a few inches bigger than the statue of liberty). Where’s her sanity? Where is the sanity of the people who adulate such politicians and elect them to power? UP already has a surfeit of statues and foundation stones laid by previous politicians in power! We Indians don’t understand UP, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and others are not independent countries but a part of one country. Lets face it; most of us are not die-hard nationalists (not even moderately so)…what have we become!

They’ll probably read of the time when the muslim world declared war or other faiths (and in many ways vice-versa). Hey, the crusaders were just as bad. Hope fully by that time all the faiths of the world would have made peace with each other by then and there would be other more grave problems facing humankind as a whole. Tomorrow if a substantial portion of the world’s population is wiped out by some disease, you’ll probably forget that I’m black and you’re yellow, white or purple (unless you’re one of ‘those’ types); all faiths, creeds and races will join hands to counter a problem like that…why do we have to ask nature for such a calamity to bring some sense into our heads? There are ample of ‘more important’ problems facing us even if we give fighting and wasting away because of the differences in ideologies. Why don’t we look at the bigger picture right now? Why not create beautiful and purposeful things now so that we’re ready. Why lead a wasteful, superficial and a negative life? We’re growing in numbers and so is our fear of each other. What’s wrong with us? What have we become?

We’ve always been like that; history vouches for it. Now we need to evolve in to better beings. Someday we have to leave this planet and move elsewhere. But you probably don’t see that coming…do you?

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