Saturday, May 07, 2016


What horrible days
they scare, they amaze
What cacophony
just fame n' money
My soul it seeks
don't know what, its bleak
nor understand
if it's jaded or grand

And then today
it was answered, my prayer
I was left alone
by some stroke of luck
I was in a quiet zone
I heard not much
what strange feeling
it confused me
I was breathing deep
but took time to be aware
of this silence that filled the air

The dog too lay on the floor
looked once at me
and went back to snore
but his tail wagged, now and then
he's not asleep
at half past ten
then I realized it wasn't so quiet
the birds outside sang at full
the leaves lent music
they danced along
All my worries,
they'd all but gone

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