Thursday, November 27, 2014


Two different astrologers warned my wife and I not to get married based on the charts. We kinda took that opinion to share with family/friends in case it turned out favorable but when it didn't, we kinda decided to have our own two-star constellation anyway coz we really didn't give two hoots about it. In any case i've seen that these days, some families hush aside this kind of a "mismatch" (or carry out some kind of a ritual which "apparently" cures/mitigates the mismatch) if they really interested in taking things forward. BESIDES, a couple of couples I know that had the perfect astrological match, have separated. 
Astrology is great in that it spawned astronomy and it's OK to have them living side-by-side in the same world eh...after all, even monkeys share this planet with humans.

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