Saturday, April 05, 2014

PHareb aur Dhokha

I recently talked to another scientist at the institute and openly asked him if he could help me with publication in return for volunteer work and he agreed to it. He’s been nice enough to tell me to keep applying and that I was free to leave if something worked out in between…even if after 10 days.

My biggest mistake was that I mistook my Supervisor for family. I always looked up to him as an elder brother of sorts and he did reinforce that feeling through the years. My PhD turned out be a big nerve-wracking and heart-breaking lesson in how to be a "Mature", "Indian" "Man".

Never mind, if I'm as good or even close to it, I'll manage in the coming time. I can't overlook the fact that I'm running the race with a crippled leg...I'll try to recover and run faster. Never will I be that naive in life again.

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