Sunday, March 30, 2014


If there is a God, why doesn’t it come down to Earth and set things right in the world? The world is going crazy in the name of religion. My experience with Christianity has been mixed. It’s proselytizing like most of the extant religions (despite that many of them claim not to be so, the reality is different). I can’t say if proselytizing is such a bad thing to begin with but then if someone truly follows the teachings of Christ (leaving aside Paul’s epistles), I don’t think that it should be that important.

Christ brought down the Ten Commandments to Two. These are, to love God AND to love your neighbor as you love your own self. Anyone who truly believes this will not look down upon and criticize others to the degree that I see happening. Though others will argue with me to death for this but for me, the concept of the Church tends, in some way tends to stray away from Christ. Though I never learnt anything wrong at the Church, I realized that it is after all, run by human beings, who despite reading Christ’s word, forget his second beautiful commandment. I’m averse to rites and rituals of all religion, including my own. I do like going to Church once in a while hearing the sermon (sometimes it’s really good) but I’m no zealot.

I understand Paul (actually I don’t so much) but for me the most important message comes from Christ, to not be so judgmental, to forgive, to be honest and most importantly to love others around me. Damn! It’s so difficult but I realize that practicing this alone is meditation in itself. It frees you of the baggage that life tends to burden you with, for which you have to run to different methodologies to relieve yourself. Nothing wrong with those methodologies either but if happiness and contentment is your goal, Christ’s message is not bad. We should take the good offered by all religions, find commonalities, analyze them deeply for ourselves and live peacefully. These are some of the most trying times of my life, it’s really difficult but as I search for peace, I realize it is simpler than I thought.

The world taught us to hate, despise and avenge to such a degree that we’re consumed in the fire of these teachings. To find peace is simple, unfortunately, with our modern day teachings of greed, it has become impossibly difficult to be simple.

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