Tuesday, October 22, 2013

hard day's night

Funny that this hard day's night requires no rest. I'm up and alert. My mate Deepak and I worked for nearly 13 hours today without much rest  (except for a 15 mins lunch break and 20 odd mins in the evening). When we left for home at around 9:30 p.m. we'd just gone a furlong on my bike when it started to wobble and weave strongly. Instantly  I recalled the time I was riding from Rishikesh to  Chandigarh with Anuj and the bike behaved exactly like this...when....when we had a flat! I returned to IMTECH and parked the bike back before losing all the air pressure. The we started to walk back home. The weather was awesome and the cool breeze was resurrecting. Deepak and I purchased 6 bananas  from a hawker (we were lucky was still selling at that hour) and munched down 3 each. It re-energized us and we gained pace. Meanwhile my wife was on the way to pick us up. We walked around 3 kms before she reached in her car.
I dunno how much radioactive exposure I've had...I reckon it'd be reasonably high. My head's been spinning through the work I hope this isn't gonna put me in a dire strait later in life (or even sooner).
I love the weather these days here in Chandigarh cept for the fact that it's the doggie mating season and the deluge of stray dogs keep barking and fighting all night long. These guys are really loud man! and unfortunately I'm a light sleeper when it comes to noise. But now the effects of adrenalin are waning (after I worked on all the data and plotted the graphs)...and I'm a bit sleepy.
But whoaa! What a day!!

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