Friday, August 16, 2013

God again!

I have nothing against religion apart from the fact that I find it silly.

So a reasonably  well-known journalist updated his facebook profile saying that he'd committed to donate all his organs for people in need, with a line at the end saying that he just wanted to keep the bones so that when he stand up to meet his creator after his death!!

I know I should keep my comments to myself but I was still keen to suggest him to keep at least one eye so that he could actually see god then.

To this he replied (appeared offended for he added the title "Shri" to my fb name):
"When God appeared before Moses, He was so bright that he could not see (from The Bible). Similarly, when God appeared in his Vishwaroopam before Arjuna, God was "brighter than a thousand suns" (From the Mahabharata). So Arjuna could not have seen him. So how can I an ordinary man see God with my two little eyes. So it is pointless to have the eyes before the Almighty."

This is just one of the some I've heard from overtly religious people. I didn't want to take it further by writing something like
"Why's He so shy he doesn't show up?"
"How do you know that He's a he?"
"Why's he so judgmental?"

I just wrote something less offending (acc to me) that "I wonder why Arjuna did not get blinded by the light of a thousand Suns even with his eyes closed" and then I went on to appreciate his act of committing to donate his organs. He's a great guy but he actually believes in something like Arjuna facing the light of a thousand Suns and Moses unable to see Him for his light was too intense.

Where the heck are we headed really?

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