Monday, September 17, 2012

Shameful(l)y yours ;)

Following is an email (verbatim) sent on the common inbox of the institute by a "scientist", read and enjoy the errors and the strange feeling of outrage that this person has expressed on a subject. 
What can I say except "LOL" :

Dear Mrs. XXX,
We appreciate your efforts for promotion of hindi among us. Of course it is commendable job! But from couple of years, I am observing the results of competetions are not displayed either through notice boards or e-notice. When we encourage the participants to participate in the events, then I dont understand the difficulties in publishing the results. Is there any need to ask you personally by each and every participant/parents? Let the people appreciate the success of winners in sportly manner as the part of life. I feel shamefull when I answer to the question of my kid/or anybody, "kyaa huwa" then helplessly & shamefully I answer," I dont know". Probably we dont have right to know even as the individual of Indepedent India. Hope, such thing will not be repeated.
Sucess or failuire are the parts of life. But I sicerely feel every individul
has right to know that.

> भाग लेने के इच्‍छुक सदस्‍य अभी भी अपना नाम दे सकते हैं व शीघ्र पक्ष/विपक्ष बताऍं
> ।
> ------------------------------- Original Message -------------------------------
> Subject:  हिन्‍दी दिवस 14.09.12 को हिन्‍दी वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता - Hindi Debate
> Competition
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> प्रिय साथियो,
> कृपया दिनांक 24.08.12 की हिन्‍दी पखवाड़े की ई.मेल के संदर्भ में संलग्‍न का.ज्ञा.
> की ओर ध्‍यान दें तथा नोट करें -
> हिन्‍दी वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता
> दिनांक - 14.09.12 को हिन्‍दी दिवस को
> समय - 2.30 बजे अपराह्न
> स्‍थान - आडिटोरियम
> विषय -
>  '' ईमानदारी राजनीति का विलोम है ''
>    वाद विवाद की समयावधि 3-5 मिनट की रहेगी । भाग लेने के इच्‍छुक सदस्‍य संलग्‍न
> प्रपत्र में अपना नाम दें ।
> सादर,
> हिन्‍दी अधिकारी
> --------------------------------------------------
> XXX, हिन्‍दी अधिकारी
> XXX, Hindi Officer

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