Friday, December 30, 2011


I tell you these florists are cheats. I'm talking about online orders in which they display a beautiful image of bouquets and bunches at hyped prices and what actually reaches the recipient is generally inferior to the representative picture. What lowering of honesty level to pocket that extra buck. Even the much hyped Ferns n' Petals can send red roses when the order is placed for peach ones. Well who can you trust these days; not even ol' friends. 

However there's one thing that people do despite all the skepticism and related caution, entrust the rest of your life into someone's hands. All different ways of tying the knots, love-marriage, arranged-marriage and everything in between, either work out or fall apart (and of course everything in between). This relation is such a complex interplay between two individuals that at times one wonders how it ever works out successfully with ones that do. Well only one way to find out; do it yourself. 

One year has passed since I met her. When I entered my friend's place I didn't even know that she was present till she walked into the room. I didn't know her except that she was my best friend's girlfriend's fraternal twin. The four of sat and chatted for a while and then the couple retired to their bedroom leaving the two of us alone. The conversation chugged till it gained momentum. I appreciated the fact that she wasn't drinking sitting alone with a stranger, no matter how friendly. Initially I thought we'd tire each other out and I'd soon beg her leave but that did not happen. Before we realized, it was 5 in the morning. We had spent more than 6 hours lying in opposite couches, chatting with each other. I reluctantly left but somewhere inside, I felt that something was brewing, something I didn't wanna bring to my conscious mind but who can stop this force when the pull is from both ends. 

It was unstoppable despite misunderstandings. It even came to pass that we started to dislike each other when we hadn't even expressed our liking. When we found ourselves together again, alone, we broke into a nasty fight. At that very moment, I pitied myself, deep inside I cried for my past and rebuked my heart for about the big miscalculation. At that very moment I remembered the first time we met on the 30th of December 2010 and wondered why it felt so right back then. I felt that this damage was irreparable, so for the sake of that one moment that felt right, I decided that I'd apologize and quietly disappear from her life forever. I do not know what happened after that for the next day I hadn't left and we realized that we were madly in love with each other. "Truly, madly, deeply" found a new meaning in my life. 

Even as I watch her fast asleep on skype right now, I realize how much it has all changed and how much we've changed for each other's sake and for the sake of our love. A change that comes with ease, without too much effort and with happiness. Life sure changes when you put your foot down and take a stand, it seems very dreamy and romantic initially and then the world turns against you, friends turn to foe, families are recalcitrant to all the logical reasons and stand fast on their dogmatic views but at such times when you hear that voice on the other end of the line telling you that she's with you, come what may, you rise up from on your knees and feel your heart pulsing new life in your fatigued soul. You fall, you rise and you keep walking for you know there's someone walking right beside you, equally battered but battling on. That's what spawns the calm, unflinching confidence.

One's past shapes him/her according to what they choose to learn from it. I'm lucky I found a person who learned well. Just a year and we've experienced emotions and situations that people don't face in half a decade. Today I cherish the sweetest memory of the time I met her. Today we celebrate "us"; two proud zealots, not of religion, sect or a political thought but of Love. 

Yes, trust me I didn't quite digress on the florist topic. For the florists, a flower is a product pandering to their greed but for the customer it could be a communication that's abstract and deep. How lame is a florist that doesn't understand the nuances of shapes and the shades...ah! we're lucky we don't just communicate via flowers. Our flowers bloom within, spreading their fragrance in our lives. Thank you for your fragrant presence in my life, it fills every part of me and makes us a part of each other. Love you sweetheart.

os dalg i pumbde tino u hatt dya. 

The day we met; Happy Anniversary.

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os ma i. etn hosutand siesk ot uoy ovle.. wahm..