Friday, December 02, 2011

Our first little long one

I remember riding my bullet from Chandigarh to my sister's place in Herbertpur two weeks ago. It was a reasonably long haul with a bewildering changes in the milieu. From the city-beautiful to the villages, the fields, then just placid wilderness, then uphill, then downhill, then the arse breaking Poanta road (road?? hell!), then the awesome road by the Assan barrage with the migratory birds from the north pole basking in the Indian winter sun, then the final stretch to Herbertpur through mango orchards and the highway. It was a pretty interesting non-stop four hour+ ride (and heck I crossed three states in the duration).

 It had been so many days I'd been commuting on my bicycle to save some doe but since we had a long standing plan of going out for a ride, I thought it'd be nice to take a spin up to Kasauli. I was circumspect about riding with my darling fiance. Apart from the usual nightmares I always have before a ride, I wasn't really sure about seeing my dainty delicate darling as a rider girl. Riding the bike for long is taxing on the legs: as you crunch the fuel tank to maintain a posture (riders may note that time to time you have to consciously relax your thighs else you'll fatigue much quicker), the shoulders: oh oh don't even ask a workout the shoulders get especially on hills and/or bad roads) and of course the back and hips. The rear seat is no bed of roses either, it takes more jerks than the front seat and the pillion, like the rider, has to constantly adjust his/her body as the rider negotiates the road. Anyway, I didn't sleep well last night as I kept having bad thought about the ride. I kept telling myself that it was totally silly to be worrying about the short distance to Kasauli but in my heart I knew that a mere puncture would spell great trouble if it were to happen at a place where help isn't near. I put the #24 spanner in my bag at night hoping I wouldn't need it as I went to bed with strange uneasiness. Something about fear, it's good to have some and prepare yourself, mentally and with gear, for all eventualities but it's not good to get bombed by it; I kept telling this to myself as I tossed in bed. I was much relieved when she conceded to wear a helmet, even if just to make me happy; which of course in itself meant a lot.
the moon peeped through the daylight

Daylight brought out the hero within, I wasn't scared at all. Dunno what all my brain calculated  while I slept but I woke up very calm, not charged-up but calm and prepared. Ride we did. Even as a pillion she's awesome and never made the ride difficult for me once. In fact I totally enjoyed riding with her (of course also the fact that she was hugging me from behind). My mind went into riding mode till she said "I love you" and yes it made this all the more special. Today was out first ride out of the city and it was awesome and it had to be... coz we are awesome together.


Ruppy said...

Good one, Jesse. This post could be called "Kinesiology of Long Bike Rides" LOL
I was just thinking of calling u up, has been a while since we chatted. Your close-up reminds me of "28 days later" for some reason :) and the one on bike of "Robocop", or may be I am becoming a movie maniac, thinking everything in terms of movies. we'll talk soon.

AJ said...

"kinesiology of long rides" I like that bro, think it would be an interesting topic to write on. And the close isn't mine, it's my girl's (yeah u probably couldn't guess with the helmet, the shades and the covered face :P)
Robocop; thank you. I was crazy about Alex Murphy :)
Sure, we'll talk soon.

anujesse said...

It was an amazing ride. The short tea break, watching you taking some shots, strolling down the kasauli market arm in arm and ofcourse watching the fascinating moon ..Loved each and every moment of this journey.
I Love you and would always do..

Kusum rao said...

nice blog and pics. Me and my hubbie would like to visit kasauli on our bike. Was wondering how the roads were? Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Thanks Kusum

AJ said...

Hi Kusum, thanks.
The road to Kasauli is great till the T-junction near Dharampur from where you take a left turn for Kasauli (if you go straight, you'll head to Shimla). From then on, the road isn't that good but nothing to be scared of.
Never turn the bike off while coming downhill. That will make you use the brakes excessively (instead of using the engine rpm to keep the bike slow). This can lead to brake failure.
Take care and hope you guys have fun.