Sunday, October 02, 2011

GOA sometime AGO - The 27th of September 2011

You know one thing leads to another and people land up in Goa. They talk things out like "Hey I love you enough to spend the entire rest of my life with you, do you think we should utilize this Goa trip to go the distance and get engaged?"

"Yeah, that's an awesome idea. Let's do it."

Isn't this the usual way that people get engaged? No? Well then we're not the usual stuff either.

No it wasn't so simple actually. We'd known each other for nine months and chronologically we were attracted, confused, disliked each other, repelled by each other, fell in love, got doubtful, got frustrated, fell in love again and then finally popped the critical question about marriage.

Ours was as simple yet as special an engagement as it could get. We dressed up in formals; me in a off-white shirt, brown tie, brown trousers and shoes, and she in a beautiful purple gown, heels and purplish stone necklace we bought from the beach that afternoon. Unbeknown to our company, we exited our room, escaped the prying eyes through the rear of the resort and re-entered through the main gate and from a dark pathway, slipped to the backside on the seashore. The resort staff in connivance with us, cordoned off the beach-site at night, had chilled our champagne and set up a table for two with candlelight. We were a few meters from the turbulent Arabian Sea shore, the strong breeze threatened to snuff out our special candle that lit our table in an otherwise pitch black area but it held it's breath under the cover of glass lamp cover. The guys Digambar, Rajender and Subhash left after lighting the candle and wishing us the best.

Then there was just her and me. We slipped the rings into the the champagne glasses, criss-crossed our hands and started to drink. I was mesmerized by this human being sitting in front of me, entranced by her beauty and amazed by her courage. The sound of the waves crashing into the raised wall a few meters away and the rustling of the palm leaves, the soothing smell of cool moist breeze and the sight no one else but of person I was deeply in love with, looking back at me with love and confidence; this was more than I could have ever asked for...and then her phone started to ring. It was her mom, she didn't take the call. The calls were incessant, I had to rush to the other people we were trying to avoid to attend to the phone. Fortunately for us, I appeared, delivered the message and disappeared before any kind of interrogation ensued. I rushed back, half alarmed that 'our' moment had gone but to my relief it hadn't. We exchanged a few sweet words till the champagne finished and then slipped the rings on on each other's fingers. We then called up the guy we promised to call right after we exchanged the rings, the guy who encouraged us and even guided us about how to go about it. It was the sweetest conversation; we still haven't met him as of today but it's about to happen any day now.

Having finished dinner and staying at the place to our heart's content, we walked back to our room arm in arm. We clicked a few pics of ours then retired to the bathtub in a candle-lit bathroom. Love like I hadn't known, Love like I hadn't felt before.

And this is how we got engaged to each other. Wearing rings of each other's names, a symbol of a promise we made to each other; a commitment for life. Who knows what doldrums, storms or edens we'll see on the way, all we know is that we'll see it together.

--> Oh heck! how could I forget the chocolate cake!


anujesse said...

27th of Sep 2011 exactly 24 days before we decided to bond and get united as one soul. 3 weeks later we finally fulfilled our dream. J was nervous and so were I. We felt elated with the hospitality and the warm wishes we received from a friend we had never met but only had conversation on phone. Kudos to subhash, rajendra to make us feel that the arrangements are all done, we just had to go ahead with exchanging of the rings which symbolized our love and faith in each other. Thank u love for making the day so special. I love you baby.

RupinderSayal said...

It's a beautiful event in your life and you have penned a poetic account of it, Jesse. Wishing you both the best. May God bless your union. Hope to see you both soon!!